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Great MIPS Helmet

Just returned from an 8 day ski trip, during which I had a serious wipeout. My head was whipped around until it hit the ground, bouncing a bit until it stopped. The impact was pretty hard, but my Highline Mips helmet absorbed the brunt of the impacts, leaving four dents in my helmet, but none in my head. I'm really thankful I was wearing the Highline helmet. Aside from keeping my head from a severe injury, its other features are well appreciated. It is lightweight, comfortable, easy to adjust and the magnetic clasp is a nice touch. The temperatures ranged from -3 degrees to mid teens the first few days, and then it jumped from the high 30's to low 50's the next three days. Using the vent system adjustments in the really cold temperatures, as well as in the very warm temperatures, my head never got cold or hot, but was quite comfortable regardless of the temperature. I highly recommend this helmet!

Warm & Comfy

I haven't crashed yet (thank goodness), so I can't speak to the durability, but this thing keeps me warm during night skiing and is super comfortable. All I wear underneath is Turtle Fur helmet liner. Highly recommend and the goggles fit perfect with the helmet!

my huge noggin barely fits

I like the design, color, but my big head leaves little room for a balaclava or any other head warming apparel. Gonna take it for a spin tomorrow!

Great Helmet

This helmet fits my head snuggly and is very comfortable and easy to adjust. My Roca goggles fit perfectly with them. There’s no gap on my forehead between the helmet and goggles to get me cold. AND I love the purple color!!!

Great Helmet

I loved the MIPS helmet. It is sturdy, well built and a great color. Unfortunately, I seem to have a hard head. I mean I have a hard head to fit and this just didn't work for me. So sad. My nephews loved it and it fit them but they have to have FIS helmets for racing or we would have kept it.