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Crank Sport
Bone Conduction Headphones

Crank Sport Bone Conduction Headphones

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    The Crank Sport is a premium bone conduction headphone designed for rugged use. Open-ear headphones are perfect for your outdoor adventures. You remain spatially aware and connected to your surroundings while avoiding ear pain from extended use. Bone conduction audio is also more sanitary and prevents bacteria from getting trapped in your ears.


    • Stay spatially aware while hiking, running, biking and more.
    • On-board MP3 capable of holding 140+ hours of audio files if you don't have your phone.
    • Avoid ear pain and listen in comfort all day.
    • Enjoy high quality audio without earbuds.
    • Easier to keep track of, never lose one side again!
    • All-weather durability.
    • Lifetime Fidelity Gear program optional enrollment. Never worry about expensive replacements again.


    • Standard size weight: 32 grams
    • Mini size weight: 29 grams
    • Medical grade silicone wrapping
    • ABS, titanium material used throughout
    • IPX7 waterproof and dust resistant
    • EVA case


    Both sizes offer the same great feature set. The main difference is the size of the neck wire. The mini size will still fit most individuals. For more active use like mountain biking or trail running, many customers prefer the mini for the tighter, more secure fit. We generally recommend you to consider both your size and type of activity when choosing. Click on the sizing link and watch the video for more info.


    All Crank headphones come with a standard 1-year manufacturers warranty. This protects against manufacturing flaws only.

    You can also register for the Lifetime Fidelity Gear program for free. LFG allows you to replace your product for any reason besides loss or theft for a low replacement cost. This gives you peace of mind that should you damage your item or need to replace it outside the manufacturer warranty you can do so in an inexpensive way. You will not pay anything until you are replacing your item. The replacement cost will be sent to you upon registration of the item.

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    Crank bone conduction headphones come with a slew of high tech, high quality features. Quick magnetic charging, Bluetooth 5.4, and IPX7 waterproofing just to name a few. The Crank is designed to go with you on all your outdoor adventures while remaining versatile enough to wear to the gym. The unique patented silicone wrapping helps increase the durability and weatherproofing of the headphones. The bone conduction technology allows you to absorb sound without having anything in your ears. You can wear them all day without the discomfort and ear pain that often comes with in-ear options.


    The Bluetooth 5.4 chip allows you to have 30m of space between the headphones and your device. The magnetic charging is convenient and fast: just 2 hours to a full charge. There's also a quick 20min charge that gives you up to 1.5hrs of runtime. If you don't want to take your phone or watch along, you can load up to 2500 songs or 140hrs of audio files into the built-in MP3 player.


    The LFG program allows you to send your product in for replacement for any reason besides theft and loss. If something happens to your product outside the return window and standard manufacturer's warranty, you can file a claim, send back your unit, and after approval receive a heavily discounted code to use for your replacement.


    Crank Sport is IPX7 rated. This means it can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 seconds without issues. In practical terms it means any rain or sweat you might encounter in your outdoor use won't be a problem.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Great headphones

    This is my first pair of bone conducting headphones and let me say, these don't disappoint. They come in a nice hard shell zipper case and seem to be made of good quality materials. They are comfortable to wear, don't move around or feel like they will fall off, and sound great while still allowing you to hear what's going on around you. They connected easily to my phone with no issues. Can't wait to use them more.

    Great Product

    These headphones connected easily to my phone and my computer. I love that they can be connected to both at the same time. The sound quality is good and the microphone works great for phone calls. I’m excited to not have earbuds in my ears while biking!

    Never going back!

    This is my first time trying a bone conductor headphone and now I wont be going back. My ears tend to get sensitive to the earbuds sitting in them for long periods of time, and during most activities I often only wear one so that I can hear my surroundings. I ordered the mini and it fits perfect while eliminating that pressure inside the ear. I was surprised how well you could hear the music with having full awareness of the sounds around you. I live an active lifestyle from working horses in the arena to doing a trail run up the mountain. I did both while wearing these to see how they do with the bouncing and moving around, they stayed right in place! They come in a pretty neat case even to help protect them and keep the charging cord together, so I’m excited about that. I will say the only thing I noticed, is that you don’t get a good heavy base sound. This is something I usually only want when I am lifting heavy at the gym though.
    Overall, I’m impressed with the quality of the sound and the comfort these have. Thank you Wildhorn for another great product!


    I’m impressed. I buy so many headphones and typically anything but the main brands can’t get the sound right. These are done right! Haven’t taken them off. I like that the volume control is louder which is nice for bone conduction. There’s even good bass. I put ear plugs in and it was another great experience. The mini fits me perfect: 5’2” small framed. Definitely a solid purchase.

    Awesome product!

    I got this as I have gone through a few Shokz products that seem to eventually fail. They only have a 2-year warranty I think - whereas this one is unlimited. Fits well, a bit bulkier than Shokz but seems more solid. Easy connection to Bluetooth. Nice case. Solid sound. Would recommend.