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Performance Sunglasses

Radke Performance Sunglasses

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Radke™ performance eyewear with Fenom™ lenses is a performance-minded sunglass for riders and runners. Each pair comes with three lenses so you can optimize for all light conditions. The frame can be converted from full to half depending on style preference. FOR A LIMITED TIME, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. BE SURE TO ADD A SECOND PAIR TO YOUR CART TO ACCESS THE DEAL.


  • Uncompromising quality and high-end performance
  • Fenom™ light management system
  • Maintain visual clarity in any light condition
  • Complete UV400 protection (UVA/UVB)
  • Convertible frames: full or half frame option
  • 3 lenses included (Photochromic models come with one variable lens)
  • Anti-scratch lens coating
  • Non-polarized to optimize for trail riding
  • Angled stems to improve helmet compatibility
  • Snap hinges for increased durability
  • Adjustable nose bridge piece to dial in comfort
  • Protective EVA case included

What's Fenom™?

Fenom™ is our light management technology. For mountain biking it's crucial to properly manage the downhill light spectrum. This means maintaining true color to help riders distinguish between trail, rocks, trees etc... Fenom™ carefully balances blue, green, and red light.

Tech Specs

  • Ride weight: 1oz
  • Frame: TR90
  • Lens: Polycarbonate
  • Nose bridge: Silicone
  • Case: EVA
  • CE certified (EN ISO 12312-1:2013+A1:2015 Eye and face protection)


To change out lenses, remove the bottom half of frame by pulling one edge until it pops out from the top piece. Then pull from the middle to release the nose bridge, and finish by pulling the opposite end. Carefully remove the lens by pulling from one of the sides first. Clip the new lens in starting from the one of the sides. Make sure you hear an audible click from each side and the middle. Once the new lens is in place, clip the bottom frame back in or use the replacement nose bridge for a half frame setup.

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A great pair of cycling performance eyewear does two things: protection from harmful sunlight and optimizes visual performance. Fenom™ is Wildhorn's newest eyewear platform that provides light management, optical clarity, and peripheral vision. When you ride it's important to maximize visibility, light filtration, and color. Fenom™ lenses on Radke™ are interchangeable to allow greater freedom on the timing of your rides.


The visual light transmission rating, or VLT, determines how much tint is in your lens. For bright, sunny days you'll want a lower VLT option to block out most of the light. A medium VLT works best for cloudy or mixed days (or riding in and out of treelines). A high VLT works best when riding in the darkest conditions. Most Radke™ models come with a high, medium, and low VLT lens. Photochromic models are equipped with one lens which automatically adjusts its tint based on light conditions. The Radke™ eyewear platform offers you a variety of options that cater both to preferred light experiences and style.


Down hill light spectrum management requires greater focus on greens and browns to optimize your visual trail experience. With a careful balance of blue, green and red light, a more true color spectrum improves a rider's experience. True color, rather than high contrast, creates the best trail riding experience in biking.


Radke™ was designed and tested near the base of the Wasatch mountains near SLC, UT. With a world class trail system just minutes away from our HQ, we spent hours testing Radke™ prototypes until we got it just right. We also tested with local riders and took community input to continually improve the design. We're a proud local brand with grass roots in the iconic Utah outdoors scene. We don't release anything we wouldn't buy ourselves!

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Nice glasses,

Nice glasses, but not easiest to exchange lens

So far so good

I’ve worn them while MTB. The only issue I have is that they slide down my face as I go downhill. Visibility is great and am looking forward to trying the other lenses

Happy with these!

I’ve been trying to find a good pair of full coverage sunglasses for running and biking that don’t completely break the bank for a while now. Just took these out on a run for the first time yesterday and really impressed by the clarity of the lens and the fact that the size of them didn’t look ridiculous on my small face haha- something I’ve struggled with with other sports glasses! I ordered the extra dark lens to go along with the three that came with my pair, and now I feel like I’ve got a perfect full suite.

Great sunglasses

Love the ease to change lenses and clarity in those lenses

Nice protection and quality

I really like these sunglasses as they wrap around the sides of your eyes offering protection from wind, glare and allow you to have good peripheral vision. The additional lenses which can be changed out to best fit the day's conditions.