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Crank Swim
Bone Conduction Headphones

Crank Swim Bone Conduction Headphones

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    The Crank Swim is a premium bone conduction headphone designed for underwater use. It has IPX8 waterproof rating so it's fully waterproof. There is an onboard MP3 player that holds 140hrs of audio files. While underwater your MP3 player will stream the music. Out of water you can use bluetooth streaming.


    • Listen to music, podcasts, or books while swimming!
    • Avoid ear pain and listen in comfort all day.
    • Enjoy high quality audio without earbuds.
    • Easier to keep track of, never lose one side again!
    • Lifetime Fidelity Gear program optional enrollment. Never worry about expensive replacements again.


    • Standard size weight: 32 grams
    • Medical grade silicone wrapping
    • ABS, titanium material used throughout
    • IPX8 waterproof and dust resistant
    • EVA case
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    The Swim is not equipped with a microphone so you cannot use it for calls. We did this to ensure full waterproofing of the headphones. In our testing we were able to submerge a pair for 1 month without causing damage!


    All Crank headphones come with a standard 1-year manufacturers warranty. This protects against manufacturing flaws only.

    You can also register for the Lifetime Fidelity Gear program for free. LFG allows you to replace your product for any reason besides loss or theft for a low replacement cost. This gives you peace of mind that should you damage your item or need to replace it outside the manufacturer warranty you can do so in an inexpensive way. You will not pay anything until you are replacing your item. The replacement cost will be sent to you upon registration of the item.

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    Crank Swim bone conduction headphones come with a slew of high tech, high quality features. Quick magnetic charging, Bluetooth 5.4, and IPX8 waterproofing just to name a few. The Crank Swim is designed to go with you in the water while remaining versatile enough to wear to the gym. The unique patented silicone wrapping helps increase the durability and waterproofing of the headphones. The bone conduction technology allows you to absorb sound without having anything in your ears. You can wear them all day without the discomfort and ear pain that often comes with in-ear options.


    The Bluetooth 5.4 chip allows you to have 30m of space between the headphones and your device. The magnetic charging is convenient and fast: just 2 hours to a full charge. There's also a quick 20min charge that gives you up to 1.5hrs of runtime. If you don't want to take your phone or watch along, you can load up to 2500 songs or 140hrs of audio files into the built-in MP3 player.


    Crank Swim is IPX8 rated. This means it can be submerged in over 1m of water for an extended time. In practical terms it means you can use them while swimming laps without issues.


    The LFG program allows you to send your product in for replacement for any reason besides theft and loss. If something happens to your product outside the return window and standard manufacturer's warranty, you can file a claim, send back your unit, and after approval receive a heavily discounted code to use for your replacement.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    I love them

    The sound is outstanding. They're very easy to setup and use.

    So far, good

    Great so far! I think I need the smaller version (mini), but they are sold out. That being said, the larger size doesn’t cause ear soreness like I anticipated and they still stay on for around the house tasks and even handstands. I haven’t tested them for higher speed things, with a helmet, or under water yet. I’ve only used bone conduction headphones over the last ~3 years and this brand is not as loud as I’d like, but it’s fine. If you want to cancel out outside noise, I used ear plugs and the sound is great. Worth the investment. Great customer service.

    It’s so simple

    I like how durable and how simple they are.

    Can't answer phone calls

    Hi, I love this crank swim, it connects beautifully to Bluetooth but my iPhone 13. It connects for one second but then it disconnects.

    Heavy Duty without being heavy!

    They're working well for me ... I'd recommend them for sure. I like the ability to connect to two devices.