1. Free Registration: No committment unless you need to replace an item.

  2. Unlimited Replacements, Minimal Cost: Need a replacement for any reason other than loss or theft? Get it at a low fee for the lifetime of the product model.

  3. Beyond the Warranty: LFG compliments the manufacturer's warranty and covers damages, wear and tear, or even if you just want the latest styles.

  4. Exclusive Benefits: Registered users get early access and special pricing on new models.
The replacement cost is unique to each model and will be sent to you after registration. LFG is currently only available on Crank Headphones. Stay tuned as we add more products!


  1. Register your product using the form above.
  2. File a claim here.
  3. Once approved, ship us your product for verification.
  4. Our warehouse will receive your item and verify it matches the item registered under your name in the LFG program. 
  5. Our customer service team will send you a unique, single-use code you can use to purchase a low cost replacement.