Why Fall Is the Best Season for Mountain Biking

Fall is the absolute best time to hit the trails on a mountain bike ride. At Wildhorn Outfitters we’ve got your back with the raddest gear you'll need to make the most of it! Fall, with its crisp air, vibrant foliage, and days that are still just long enough on the trails, is a mountain biker's dream season. Here are the top reasons why:

Perfect Weather: As the summer heat mellows down, the temperatures in the Fall become absolutely ideal for riding. Not too hot, not too cold - it's the Goldilocks of biking seasons. Climbs are actually...enjoyable? (maybe we’ve gone too far...)

Scenic Beauty: The fall foliage transforms the mountains into a breathtaking sea of reds, oranges, and yellows. You won't find views like this any other time of the year.

Trail Conditions: With the summer dust settled and the trails less crowded, you'll enjoy smoother and more forgiving riding conditions. Less dust means more traction – and that's a win-win!

Year-End Adventure: There's something about the Fall that makes it feel like the grand finale of the year's adventures. It's the perfect time to wrap up your biking season with a bang! Not to mention it’s time to get stoked for ski season!

Gear up with our long sleeve riding jerseys. Crafted with drirelease technology, these jerseys wick moisture quickly to the outside of the fabric. This keeps you dry and warm in cooler temps, and cooler during warmer rides due to its breathability. These jerseys are perfect for layering or even as a solo layer in the spring and fall. With a performance fit and soft feel, these jerseys will be one of your main go-tos.

Supernova's Men's MTB Jersey

Formation Women's MTB Jersey

We've got two epic helmet options that will make sure you're safe and stylish while tearing up the trails: the Corvair Mountain Biking Helmet and the Corvair Pro MIPS Mountain Biking Helmet.

The Corvair Mountain Biking Helmet: Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned rider, or anything in between, this helmet has your head covered. It's all about safety, value, and style. The Corvair is ready to shred alongside you on those epic Fall rides. 

Corvair Mountain Biking Helmet


The Corvair Pro MIPS Mountain Biking Helmet: For those intermediate to advanced riders who crave even more performance, we've got the Corvair Pro. It's got MIPS Evolve technology and an antimicrobial Ionic+ liner to keep you riding safely and odor-free. This helmet is the epitome of cool and protection combined.

Corvair Pro Mips Mountain Biking Helmet


But wait, there's more! To make your Fall mountain biking experience even sweeter, don't forget about our Radke Performance Sunglasses. These babies come with Fenom™ lenses, offering top-notch quality without breaking the bank. Plus, they include three lenses, so you're ready for any lighting condition. And for those who prefer magic over mechanics, we've got photochromic models that adjust automatically to the light.


Radke Performance Sunglasses

But here's the icing on the cake, folks: You can bundle either the Corvair or the Corvair Pro MIPS Helmet with the Radke Sunglasses for an amazing deal! We've got your back on the trails and in your wallet. Click here to see bundles.


MTB Helmet & Eyewear Bundles


Now, let's talk about the ultimate gear organization – the Gulch Gear Duffel Bag. This bag is a game-changer, designed with compartments specifically for your helmet and shoes, keeping your gear fresh and organized. It's also water-repellent, so you're prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Gluch gives you the confidence you haven’t forgotten anything for the ride. Check it out here!



So, there you have it – Fall is the prime time to get out there and explore the trails, and Wildhorn Outfitters has the gear to make it your most epic season yet. Safety, style, and value are our jam, and we're here to help you make the most of your mountain biking adventures. Let's shred those Fall trails together! 🍁🚵‍♀️



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Now gear up and get out there!