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Good fit

Very good fit and comfortable padding around the face.

Bought as a gift!

Haven't been used yet, but they look really nice. Visual field is large, i think my grandson will love them. Only regret is that i didn't buy two pairs! Excellent price on sale!

ROCCA Goggles

Arrived very quickly, appreciated the end of season pricing. While I have not tried them on the slopes, the S3 level lens seems really effective in bright light. My only disappointment was I was unable to purchase the second low light lens S1 due to inventory but hopefully I will be able to get them before next season

Great Goggles with lots of lens choices.

The lenses have great clarity and are easy to swap out with the attaching magnets.

Solid product for price.

I purchased a pair of Roca snow goggles in January. I was concerned about light sensitivity, so I purchase additional lenses (an S2 & S4 in addition to the S3 that came with the goggles). I have skied a total of 5 days in varying temperature and weather conditions and have only used the S3 lens. I have not had any trouble with them fogging up. I have also not had any trouble with the lens scratching as I read in a lot of other reviews prior to purchasing. However, I treated them like the expensive sunglasses that typically never leave my head on a normal day. I suspect any lens is going to scratch if it gets smacked by a tree limb or thrown around in your luggage. I recently purchased 3 more sets of Roca's for my wife and kids. They seam to be a solid product for a descent price. I would recommend them to anyone that has to outfit a family with ski gear.