Why Do Mountain Bike Helmets Have Visors?

You know the feeling when the wind brushes your face and the beautiful landscape unfolds as you fly by?

Mountain biking is thrilling. And it does take some preparation to get to the point where you can zoom down those country roads. One of the most crucial pieces of equipment for a mountain biker is their helmet. But have you ever wondered why mountain bike helmets have visors? Is it just for looks, or is there a practical purpose behind this stylish feature? 

Strap on your helmet and let's take a ride through the three most important reasons behind this mountain biking essential.

#1: Your Visor Keeps the Glare Away

One of the primary reasons for having a visor on a mountain bike helmet is to protect the rider's eyes from the sun's glare. When riding in bright sunlight, the visor can help to reduce eye strain and improve visibility by blocking out the sun's direct rays.

#2: Your Visor Is a Shield

A man on a bike in a beautiful mountain setting


Another important function of the visor is to provide some level of protection from debris, such as dirt, dust, and rocks, that can fly up from the trail and hit the rider's face. The visor can also help to keep rain, snow, or other precipitation out of the rider's eyes, allowing them to maintain clear visibility on the trail.

#3: Your Visor Helps You Save Face

In addition to protecting the rider's eyes from the sun and debris, the visor can also provide some level of protection for the rider's face in the event of a fall or collision. The visor can help to absorb some of the impact from a fall, reducing the likelihood of facial injuries and cuts.

Stay Safe with Mountain Bike Helmets From Wildhorn

A woman on a bike with a Wildhorn mountain bike helmet


The visor is a crucial component of a mountain bike helmet that serves several important functions. From protecting the rider's eyes from sun glare and debris to providing some facial protection in the event of a fall, the visor is a practical and functional addition to any mountain biker's helmet. While it may add a stylish element to the helmet, the visor's primary purpose is to enhance safety and comfort on the trail. 

So, have we answered why mountain bike helmets have visors?

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, don't forget to choose a helmet with a sturdy and reliable visor to keep you safe and focused on the ride ahead. Wildhorn is the adventure seeker's best friend. We know that safety is key wherever you go in the great outdoors, whether it's scaling a mountain or shredding some gnarly singletrack.

That's why we created the beautiful and functional Corvair Mountain Bike Helmet with a visor in place to keep you safe. Take a look and then take a ride!

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