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Love them, but...

Great goggle and quality for the price. Only issue is that their view range is limited and I'd prefer a wider range; feels like I have to keep turning my head everywhere to see others. Looks wide on the outside but is very standard.

Whole Family Has Them

Okay, I’m the gotta-pay-200-dollars-to-look-cool kind of gal. Nooooppppeeee! My family is an avid ski family and we have all switched from our Smith I/Os and Oakleys for these! It’s affordable and if you scratch a lens, you just buy a new one and you look GOOD! We were fortunate to get a lens case— when Wildhorn gets them back in stock, snag one. Super great. As my son would say, they are steezy! Super happy with them and all of Wildhorn’s products!

Attached is a pic of the Roca goggles and new Pipeline so you can see the difference.

Great goggles and lens system. Just wish they included a lens case...

The goggles are great and super easy to swap out lenses on the mountain in changing conditions.
My only complaint is if you purchase spare lenses, there should be a hard-shell case to protect them if you carry them on the mountain or in your gear bag.

New Roca Goggles

Love my new Roca goggles. Great fit and really appreciate the ability to quickly interchange different lenses. No fogging issues either. A quality product at an affordable price


I received the completely wrong pair of goggles than what I ordered and the correct ones STILL haven't arrived - it's been two weeks since I returned the wrong pair and one month since I placed my original order - this is poor service and im
Very disappointed - even after I sent a picture as proof I received the wrong pair (at you customer service request) I was still told you wouldn't send the CORRECT pair until you received those back - RIDICULOUS- this is not my mistake it's yours - in the mean time I paid for goggles and sit here a month later without any!!! Where are they????