Outpost I Single Camping Hammock With Litespeed Suspension System


The Outpost I is big, strong, and easy to use. It's the only hammock we know of that includes a best of class suspension system. Each hammock comes equipped with a Litespeed suspension system that includes two 11 foot tree-friendly straps, genuine Amsteel anchor rope, and a cinch buckle made from cold rolled steel that gives you fast, unlimited hanging options. Two lightweight, super strong wiregate carabiners rated at 12kn are also included.

When we set out to design our Outpost hammock we realized that there were no good options for a quality hammock that had everything included to make hanging a breeze. Sure some had ropes and heavy steel carabiners but they were definitely not easy to hang and required a lot of time to get just right. We decided that our hammock had to have the best suspension system on the market and our LiteSpeed suspension system was born. Hang your hammock in seconds and spend more time hanging out and less time fumbling around with knots or loop adjustments that just don't work.

The Outpost I is 11" long and 4' 5" wide. It's the perfect size for backpacking or camping. The integrated compression stuff sack makes it easy to pack away and carry. The entire hammock, including the suspension system, fits comfortably in the stuff sack so you don't have to worry about carrying additional bags.

Whether you are taking the Outpost I on a multi-day backpacking trip or just hanging out in your backyard, this hammock will not disappoint!


Introducing the Outpost 1 Hammock

INTEGRATED LITESPEEDAdjustable Suspension SystemHang your hammock in seconds!

STRONGTriple InterlockingStitching

WIRE GATELightweight CarabinersAllow fast connection of strap to tree

DURABLE100% Rip-StopNylon

11’ X 4'5"Extra LengthAllows for more comfort



Please read and follow these instructions to use your Outpost Hammock!

Find two suitable hanging points no more than 25’ feet apart.

Wrap one end of the hammock strap around the hanging point at least once and connect the carabiner to the strap leading back to the hammock. Repeat on opposite side.

Adjust each side of the hammock using the cinch buckle by pulling the short end of the strap to tighten, and the longer strap to loosen. The hammock should ideally hang at a 30° angle.

To lie in hammock, first sit in the middle ensuring your back is supported by the hammock. Then swing your legs inside and get comfortable!

Litespeed HammockSuspension System


GENUINEAmsteel RopeStrong as steel but light as a feather

Cinch BucklesInfinite adjustments to your hammock in seconds


REINFORECED POLYESTERTree-friendly StrapsIncludes two 11-foot straps

WIREGATELightweight CarabinersAllow fast connection of strap to tree

Please read and follow these instructions for the installation of the suspension system.

Using the included PVC pipe, thread the amsteel rope loop through your hammock end.

Remove the pipe, then feed the cinch buckle through the loop end and pull it tight.

Find two hanging points, loop each strap around the hanging point twice and secure with carabiner.

Using cinch buckle, adjust to desired hanging angle and secure using a lark's knot.

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