When is the Best Age to Start Kids Skiing??

If you love skiing, you’ll undoubtedly want your kids to get in on the action. But just how early can your kiddos hit the slopes with you? Today we’re answering your questions about introducing your kids to so the slopes.

When Can Kids Start Skiing?

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The best age to start kids skiing is ultimately your decision. If you’re taking your child out on hills near your house or a safe patch of backcountry then you can take them out whenever you feel they are ready. I’ve had friends put skis on their children almost as soon as they could walk. Most ski resorts will have a few more restrictions than your neighborhood park though. 

Some ski schools have classes for children as young as the age of 4. Other ski schools accept children as young as 3 on the slopes as long as they are potty trained. While taking your toddler to a ski resort may sound like a fun family day, it is important to keep in mind that most 3 year olds are still developing a sense of focus and dexterity. This means you should plan on keeping your ski sessions short when they’re getting started. 

Do Ski Goggles Have Sizes? 

Absolutely. Everyone’s heads are different sizes and shapes so snow goggles are designed to cater to those differences. When it comes to kids, it’s no different. Individual brands often size their goggles a little differently so be sure to check the sizing charts before making a purchase. Some kids goggles are designed to fit toddlers as young as 2 years old and adjust to allow for several ski seasons worth of use. Our kids ski goggles are made specially for ages 3 to 8 and line up flush with our Spire Youth Ski Helmet, also made for ages 3 to 8. 

How Many Seasons Do Kids Skis Last? 

Kids grow quick but if you’re careful with your purchases you can expect their gear to last two seasons, three if you’re lucky! Some kids ski boots are designed to adjust to different sizes so they’ll last you longer and save you from needing to purchase new equipment sooner than you’d like.

However, only  you know best how fast your child is growing and it is not uncommon for kids to grow out of their ski boots in only a season. Be sure to check in with your growing child regularly to ensure that their gear, especially their boots, still feel comfortable. 

A great way to be sure that their boots fit correctly is to remove the liner from the boot and have them try it on while wearing their ski socks. This will give you a rough idea of how the boot fits. You can also have your child put their foot into the boot and ask them to scootch their foot as far to the front of the boot as possible. You can then slide your fingers into the back of the boot to check how much space is left. If you can fit more (or less) than two fingers in the back of the boot, it’s probably time for new ski boots.

If your child's feet aren’t happy then they won’t be happy. Keeping them comfy and warm is key to instilling a lifelong love of skiing. 

What Ski Gear Do Beginners Need?

If you want your new skier to enjoy their first outing on the slopes you’ll need to help keep them warm, comfy, and well protected. Here are a few essential pieces of gear you’ll want to get for your little ripper:

  • A well fitting youth ski helmet
  • Goggles with UV protection and anti fog technology 
  • Water resistant kids ski gloves
  • Water resistant ski pants
  • Water resistant ski jacket
  • Warm base layer (pants and sweater)
  • Ski socks to keep their little feet dry and warm all day long

Introducing kids to skiing is all about creating a positive first experience. That may mean spending hours on the slopes, or only 20 minutes depending on the age and temperament of the child. All kids are different but when they’re introduced to the slopes with patience and the correct equipment, there’s a good chance skiing will become one of their lifelong passions.

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Now gear up and get out there!