The Optimal Ski Goggles for Any Condition

The most important thing while skiing is staying safe. Regardless of what skill level, style, or area you ski, a major accident could be disastrous. That’s why we make high-quality products to keep you safe so you can have fun all winter long. A good pair of ski goggles is just one piece of equipment, but it can have a bigger impact on your ski trip than almost anything else. 

Wildhorn’s snow goggles are tried and tested to be the best on the market. Find out all about what makes us amazing and all of our unique lines of goggles in this blog.


Why Are Ski Goggles Necessary?

Some people on the slopes argue that all equipment besides your skis is purely optional, but that’s simply not true! Many pieces of equipment, especially ski goggles, play an important role in keeping you safe and comfortable while skiing. They keep your vision intact even in strong winds or winter storms. They protect your eyes and face from the sun and keep them from getting seriously injured in the case of a crash. Snow goggles also help with regulating your head temperature. A good pair of goggles can make the difference between a difficult ski trip or your next great adventure.


What Makes a Good Pair of Ski Goggles?

Any ski goggles are better than none, but they are not all created equally. The best goggles have certain characteristics that make them superior and better suited to a long life on the slopes. Here are some of those features:

  • Changeable Goggle Lenses: Most snow goggles come with a VLT score, which represents the amount of light the lens will let in. However, oftentimes a different VLT score is needed for days with different weather conditions. That’s why we offer multiple lens options, so you have maximum visibility in any situation.
  • Comfortable Padding: This one really is a no-brainer. If something is going to be stuck to your face for hours, it should feel good and secure. Part of this is making sure your ski goggles fit right.
  • Anti-Fog Technology: One of the main reasons people wear goggles is to make it easier to see. That reason would become 100 percent null if your ski goggles fogged up with every other breath. Just avoid the problem by investing in anti-fog technology.
  • Ventilation: Never underestimate the power of airflow. Ventilation keeps you from becoming claustrophobic on the slope and regulates your body temperature so you can ski all day long. Your goggle ventilation should also go along with your helmet’s, so one part of your head doesn’t feel drastically different from another.
  • Adjustable Fit: Although most snow goggles do come with adjustable straps to fit your head, it’s still an important characteristic to mention. Some straps are really hard to work with or are flimsy and break easily. We designed our goggles to be strong enough to keep the desired fit, but still easily adjustable. 

Wildhorn’s snow goggles are all equipped with these features and more to give you the best bang for your buck. Now that we’ve talked about some basic standards for the equipment, let’s dive into some specific models. 


Maxfield Model

snowboarder on the mountain wearing Wildhorn’s Maxfield snow goggles

Our Maxfield Goggles have some exciting specs in addition to the ones stated above. They are a toric shape, which means they are curved to fit the shape of your head for ultimate vision and comfort. They are also our first goggle line featuring Fenom™ light technology. These goggles are built to keep you warm and safe during high-intensity, high-adventure snow situations. We recommend these goggles to our professional snow sportspeople. 


Pipeline Model

A woman with her snowboard wearing Wildhorn pipeline ski goggles

Pipeline Snow Goggles are a cylindrically shaped, ultra-wide line of Snow Goggles that we’ve built for customization. With over 70 different color and lens mix-and-match options, you are certain to find a combination that’s ideal for you. We made the lenses extra large to optimize visibility. If you’re looking for the best ski goggles at a great price, the Pipeline goggles are perfect.


Roca Model

woman wearing Wildhorn roca snow goggles putting her glove on in the snow

The Roca ski goggles are Wildhorn’s best-selling ski goggles for a reason. They have a classic, spherical shape and an adjustable strap and lens size, which makes them perfect for traveling and casual skiing. With 16 colors to choose from, you can match them to anything, most importantly the weather. People with all skill and activity levels will find that this product line will work for your needs.  Don’t miss out on our classical favorite!


Cristo Model

man and women hiking up a mountain with their winter sports gear and Wildhorn Cristo goggles

The Cristo is a fantastic option for skiers on a budget. This goggle is a spherical shape, with a 15 percent VLT grade. You have the opportunity to choose from more than 20 colors. If you are not an avid skier, but still want a high-quality option when you’re in the mood, the Cristo may be the best snow goggles for you. Don’t let expenses get in the way of your winter hobbies. Try the Cristo today!


Roca Junior Model

snowboarder goofing around while snowboarding and wearing roca ski goggles

Because goggles need to fit your head correctly to stay on and line up with your helmet, we’ve designed the Roca in miniature for your up-and-coming skiers. Don’t worry though, these goggles still come with all of the amazing features the full-sized version has. The size is just scaled down a notch to fit youth and early teen athletes. 

We also understand that kids grow out of their equipment, so we’ve made the junior Rocas a great price, so you can keep your children safe without breaking the bank. Check out our Roca Junior snow goggles now!


Make Your Adventure Worth It With Wildhorn

Staying safe and comfortable while on the slopes is one of the biggest priorities for skiers and snowboarders everywhere. Nothing ruins a snow trip like bad visibility or not being able to stay warm. That’s why Wildhorn works to make our snow goggles as functional and durable as possible. We worry about the details so that you don’t have to! But we don’t only provide goggles; all of Wildhorn’s equipment is of amazing quality at a great price. 

So don’t sleep on a good investment. Check out our snow equipment and secure your next adventure!

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