Solitude Ski Resort Guide

It’s no secret that Utah has the best snow on Earth. You can see it on our license plates…and in the number of amazing ski resorts scattered across its northern mountains. However, even with all of the different options to choose from, none of them is quite like Utah’s Solitude Ski Resort. Solitude is nestled in the canyon between Salt Lake County and Park City. It is full of beautiful runs, amazing dining experiences, and comfortable lodging options. Let’s look closer at all of the things that make Solitude Ski Resort perfect for your next winter adventure. 


The Solitude Ski Area has plenty of options for your skiing adventures. There are 82 official trails, 8 lifts, and 7 terrain areas. Their website provides an updated report on which runs are open every day! One unique selling factor for this resort is its resident hashtag: #EarliestLiftsInUtah. Some of their lifts open as early as 8 a.m. to give the early birds a chance to strut their stuff before the sun comes up. Skiing also isn’t the only thing Solitude offers (although that’s what we’re focusing on). The hikes, spa, mountain biking, and other events and activities are also a major part of the resort experience. 

Solitude Ski Lessons

Solitude’s ski lessons are designed to give you and your family a better understanding of the mountain and your sport (skiing or snowboarding) in a safe and fun environment. They have 7 different lesson options, based on age and your preferred class vibe.

  • Explorers: This class is an all-level group setting for children aged 4-6. Skiing Solitude is the perfect way for them to start out!
  • Challengers: This class is for youth from 7-12 years old. 
  • Cruisers Seasonal Program: This class is offered in half and full-season sections, and is available for all youth ages 4-12. 
  • Teen Group Lessons: As the name suggests, this class is offered for teenagers from 13-17 years old. 
  • Adult Group Lessons: This class is built for all adults who want to hone their skills in a group setting, regardless of how extensive those skills may be.
  • Women on Wednesdays: This is a special women-only ski class available to help build confidence, unity, and talent.
  • Private Lessons: If you want a more personalized approach to your snow sports education, you can choose this more intimate and flexible class that will be built just for you!

Solitude Ski Rentals & Repairs

Like any good ski resort, Solitude offers ski rentals for all sizes and needs including boots, skis, helmets, and poles. If you need other equipment, they also offer snowboarding, nordic, snowshoe, and mountain biking equipment during the summer months. The rental shops are open 7 days a week, so don’t let a lack of equipment stop you from your mountain experience!

Along with the rental shop, Solitude Ski Resort staffs an in-house repair shop. You can visit it for any reason from waxing to binding mounts and base repair. Don’t hesitate to drop in and fix your equipment, so you can continue to enjoy your time on the mountain.

Solitude Ski Resort Parking

The first step to going skiing is arriving at the resort and parking. Solitude Ski Resort Parking is based on an environmentally friendly plan that encourages car sharing and using the bus. Before 2 p.m., parking costs are based on the number of people in your vehicle. 4+ people in a car mean that your daily parking will be free every time. The fewer people in your car, the more parking will cost. Season parking passes are available for purchase at any time, and season pass holders can ride the bus for free if they choose. Look here for more specific information.

Solitude Resort Lodging

A resort wouldn’t be a resort without fantastic lodgings and Solitude is no different. Lodging near the mountain is super convenient because it cuts out travel time before you can ski, and parking is free at the hotels. There are seven beautiful retreats to choose from, but let’s highlight our two favorites. 

  • The Inn at Solitude is the perfect mix between convenience and luxury. It is right on the mountain, so you benefit from ski-in/ski-out access. It also comes equipped with a heated pool, hot tub, and spa. Whether you’re crazy for a day on the slopes or a relaxing time at home, The Inn will be the stuff of dreams.
  • Powderhorn Lodge is a great place to stay with your family or group. They’ve got options for 1-3 bedroom suites complete with a fireplace and kitchen. You will have easy access to ski rentals and repairs on the first floor. If your goal is jaw-dropping scenery and space, you should consider Powderhorn Lodge.

Go here for more information on the other hotels and lodging options at Solitude Ski Resort.

Restaurants in Solitude Utah

Your resort experience would not be the same without the amazing restaurants located at Solitude Ski Resort. Here are the three most popular:

  • Honeycomb Grill is a delicious dining option located in Solitude Village. They serve a wide variety of meats and seafood. It is open during the wintertime and is a great option for your after-skiing gatherings.
  • Stone Haus Pizzeria & Creamery is exactly what it sounds like. They have perfected their craft with refreshing ice cream and many different kinds of pizza. Make sure to drop in to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and filling dishes.
  • Moonbeam Lodge is the ideal breakfast place for everyone skiing Solitude Resort. If you miss breakfast, you can still enjoy their selection of cafe foods and snacks in between runs.

Activities Around Solitude Utah

The Solitude Ski Area is full of fun activities to try alone or with your family. However, that doesn’t mean you should feel obligated to stay there for your whole trip. Utah has so many amazing places to experience, and a lot of them are well within driving distance for a day trip from the resort. Here are some choices to keep in mind:

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