Coral Restoration Foundation™ is the world’s largest non-profit marine-conservation organization dedicated to restoring coral reefs in Florida and globally. Coral Restoration Foundation™ was founded in response to the dramatic decline of coral cover on the Florida Reef Tract. The Florida Reef Tract is the third largest barrier reef in the world and was once dominated by two coral species, staghorn (Acropora cervicornis) and elkhorn (Acropora palmata). But, over the last 40 years, populations of these species along the reef tract have declined by up to 97%.

Using world-leading, cutting-edge, science-based techniques, Coral Restoration Foundation™ is growing and outplanting massive quantities of these species back onto the Florida Reef Tract, to help support the reefs’ natural recovery processes. The organization also has a robust education program that engages and empowers people in the mission to save our planet’s coral reefs from extinction.

Many of the 74,000 corals planted by Coral Restoration Foundation™ are now thriving in the wild, able to spawn, which is evidence that these techniques are working, and that there is hope for the future of coral reefs. But they can’t do it alone!

There are many ways to get involved in the mission to save coral reefs from extinction. Coral Restoration Foundation™ spreads their knowledge through dive programs, scientific collaborations and outreach.

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Great fit, comfortable and well constructed.

Great fit and very comfortable. Easy to inflate. Well built and constructed. Will be trying them out next month.


Taking on a cruise to snorkel the Carribean

Great and snug fit!

My nephews and nieces love the goggles, I had to order extra lenses for various day/night light.

Very happy with my purchase

Finally got to use my new goggles at Stevens Pass springfest this weekend. Started our a grey cloudy lowlight kinda morning so in with the yellow lens. By midday, bluebird conditions so quickly and easily swapped in the black lens. Perfect 👌!

Great mask

Tried out our new Seaview 180 V2 masks on our trip to Cuacao and I am happy to say that they didnt disappoint.We used them almost every day we were there and even had a few looks and questions asked about our masks...These are definitely head turners,not to mention they are more comfortable and less restrictive than the old style....I cant wait to use them again on out trip to Exuma next month.....great job guys!!