Everything You Need to Know About Alta Ski Resort

It’s no secret that Utah is home to some of the best snow in the U.S., and the Alta Ski Area is one of the top resorts in the state. With a projected opening date this season of November 18th, it’s now the time of year to start considering season passes and planning your next ski trip. 

Resorts can be pricey, so it helps to know the area to get the most out of your trip. This comprehensive guide will cover Alta Ski Resort parking, lodging, restaurants, skiing tips, and more. 

Overview of Alta Ski Resort Utah

Alta Ski Resort is located in Alta, Utah in Salt Lake County, and covers 2,614 acres of terrain and 116 trails. Alta opened in 1939, making it one of the oldest ski resorts in the U.S. The ski area has six primary chair lifts that reach an elevation of 8,530 to 10,550 feet and a vertical drop of 1,020 feet (616 m). Alta is one of the few resorts in the country that is dedicated to skiing only. So snowboarders will need to swap out their board for skis or check out neighboring Snowbird.

How to Ski Alta

Skiing Alta is a memorable experience, to say the least. The snowfall and powder are some of the best in Utah (538 inches of snow each year), and the advanced terrain is ideal for experienced skiers. 

At ski resorts, skiers typically ride chairlifts directly to the best trails. Alta is unique in this sense. Because there are only a few chairlifts, much of the terrain is only accessible via traversing. Alta’s High Traverse (High-T) is an efficient way to get around as long as you know what you’re doing. 

Follow these rules when traversing High-T:

  • Give the person in front of you some space (they have the right of way) 
  • Give the person ahead of you a verbal signal or tap your poles together if you need to pass them
  • Step up above the traverse to take a break or snap a picture
  • Look behind before stepping back into the traverse to avoid a collision 

Think of High-T as a freeway. You wouldn’t stop in the middle of the road, and you shouldn’t stop in the middle of the traverse. There are multiple exits for ski runs and several places to step off and take in the view. If you stay mindful of other skiers, you’ll find that High-T is a fun and efficient way to get to your next run.

Ski Fall Line

Much of the skiing in Alta takes place on open faces and bowls rather than spiderweb trails. Skiing a fall line means skiing downhill from where you stop on a traverse. Use an established traverse to get to the run you want to ride, check your surroundings, and proceed to ski downhill. 

If you ever need to traverse across a slope, look up the hill first to ensure you don’t block anyone skiing downhill. Also, to avoid collisions, don’t cut into a spot where you can’t be seen from above.

Use Your Ski Pass

Your pass is your key to the Alta castle. Alta uses RFID to scan passes and lift tickets which helps the lines move faster. The gate can detect your pass from inside your pocket as long as it is by itself. Put your cell phone, wallet, credit cards, and anything else you might carry in a separate pocket.

All you have to do is ski to the gate and wait for the scanner to pick up your pass. If the gate doesn’t open, ensure there is nothing next to your pass. You may need to turn and stick out your hip slightly so the pocket with the pass is turned toward the gate. The scanner can best detect your pass at waist level.

Alta Ski Lessons

Beginners—or anyone looking to take their skills to the next level—could greatly benefit from the ski school at Alta. The Alf Engen Ski School focuses on building your confidence, creating new experiences, improving the quality of your skiing, and providing access to new terrain and snow conditions.

Regardless of your skill level or age, there’s something you can learn from the professionally certified ski instructors at Alta. The Alf Engen Ski School offers:

Alta ski lessons offer unrivaled variety and elite coaches on some of the best skiing terrain in the country. Use the links above to find pricing, dates, and information for individual classes.

Alta Ski Resort Parking

Road and parking conditions can change quickly during the winter season, so it’s essential to check the Alta Parking and Road status before leaving your home or hotel. 

You must have a paid parking reservation to park at the resort from Friday to Sunday between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. and on holidays. These reservations apply to all parking in the Wildcat, Flagstaff (South Side), Grizzly, and Albion lots. Alta will release reservations for the 2022-23 season this fall. Parking reservations are not required from Monday to Thursday, so parking availability is first come, first served.

If you can’t get a parking pass or don’t want to deal with the traffic, you can take a bus. The UTA Ski Bus offers bus service to Alta. Click here to see other commonly asked questions about Alta Ski Resort parking.

Alta Ski Rentals

Many skiers find it easier to leave their equipment at home and rent skis from the resort, especially if they travel out of state. Fortunately, Alta Ski Shops make it easy to rent, demo, or purchase ski gear. 

The Alta Ski Shop has four locations: Albion, Wildcat, Alf’s, and Watson’s. The Wildcat and Albion locations include rentals and ski tuning. Alf’s and Watson’s are retail-only locations. The price of a demo or rental varies between $15 and $65, depending on the equipment. Alta also accepts rental reservations by phone. Call 801-799-2293 by 2 p.m. the day before you visit to ensure you have the gear you need. 

Alta Ski Resort Lodging

You’ll want to find a comfortable place to stay while you aren’t on the slopes, and Alta offers several lodging options. The resort has a collection of unique, independently owned lodges, condos, and vacation homes with slope accessibility and beautiful views. 


Snowpine Lodge Ski Lounge


Snowpine Lodge was built from historic buildings when Alta first came to be. At Snowpine Lodge, you can still find pieces of history built into the very walls. It combines luxury accommodations with great savings for anyone visiting the Alta Ski Area. Snowpine is a four-star mountain experience with unrivaled mountain recreation access, high-quality restaurants, and a spa overlooking the iconic landscape. Amenities include hot tubs, a pool, a game room, common area, and even an in house ski shop, making it a convenient and luxurious stay for any budget. 

Alta Lodge was built in 1940 as Utah's (and Alta's) first ski lodge. It has been family-owned and operated since 1959. Alta Lodge is dedicated to offering an authentic ski vacation experience - reminiscent of the days when ski accommodations were more than just a place to stay. The Lodge has a relaxed and intimate atmosphere (57 rooms) where guests can relax in front of the fire, unwind in the hot tubs and enjoy apres ski in the legendary on-site Sitzmark bar. Breakfast and dinner are included in the nightly lodging rates. Guests enjoy a full hot breakfast buffet to start the day and dine to a chef-prepared four-course dinner every evening. The Lodge offers comfortable rooms with incredible mountain views and unparalleled ski-in/ski-out access to Alta's high-speed Collins lift. The warm and welcoming ambiance, exceptional personal service, and excellent dining make Alta Lodge a wonderful home away from home for solo travelers, families, and friends. Families love the complimentary Kids' Club with supervised apres ski activities and kids' dinner.

There are several other options for lodging near the resort, including:

Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge


Restaurants Near Alta, Utah

The Alta area has no shortage of restaurants, both inside and just outside of Little Cottonwood Canyon. If you are looking for dine-in restaurants close to the resort, be sure to check out the options below. 

  • The Gulch Pub features a creative menu with internationally inspired apres-ski fare, made with fresh and local Utah ingredients/
  • Swen’s Restaurant is home to the coziest and friendliest atmosphere with a refined dining experience.

Collin's Grill


  • Collins Grill offers a full-service European mountain bistro-grill menu with wine and spirits. They also offer slippers to wear at lunch!

Other Activities and Tips

Alta offers one of the country’s best and most complete skiing experiences. The atmosphere is incredibly welcoming, and most people can’t help but fall in love with the powder and slopes. 

The best advice we can give? Plan your trip now! We’re confident you won’t regret it. 

Your trip checklist should include:

  • Parking reservations
  • Lift tickets
  • Lodging
  • Ski lessons
  • Rentals
  • Child care

You can also find a trail map here if you prefer planning your runs beforehand. Want to visit the resort before the ski season starts? Check out Alta’s calendar of events for summer activities such as birding hikes, tree planting, volunteer days, and more. 

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