The Outdoors Should Be Fun

A little over a year ago I found out my dad had late stage cancer. It’s the kind of news you hear about from others all the time, but not something you expect to come into your own life or a family member’s. Since that time (his first year of treatment went well!) I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on what’s important to me. Some things surprised me, but others didn’t. Feeling the desire to spend more time with family and friends seems natural. So does becoming re-committed to your own health. But what I want to share with you most is one of the ideas I thought a lot about that surprised me: We need to have more fun in our lives.

Fun and play are critical to our well-being. Fun creates memories. Fun creates connections. We started Wildhorn to help people have more fun outdoors. I think sometimes our industry paints this picture that the outdoors is about the hero’s journey. The solitary moment alone on top of some mountain or exotic place. The high-end gear, the grueling challenges. Sure, it’s inspiring. But spending time outdoors is FUN! Or at least it should be. 
In October this year I’m going to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I’m going with six of my close friends. It’s going to be challenging and remote and Instagram-worthy and whatever else. But I couldn’t be more excited about the idea I’m doing it with close friends. I know it’s going to be a blast.

I’m really looking forward to it. In 2018 I want to encourage all of us to have more fun in nature! Go to the beach more. Find a new trail with a buddy. Share more stories around campfires. Post your pictures a week after you get done. Don’t do it in real time. Ride your bikes. Ride a wave. Start scheduling time to have fun outside with your friends and family.

I’ve come to realize that yes, life feels short. But we have enough time to live a meaningful life. May we all spend lots of it connected to friends, family and nature. Have fun out there!

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Now gear up and get out there!