Project Fenom: Our Genesis NFT

The mere mention of NFTs seems to arouse strong opinions from people. Either unbridled enthusiasm or pure disdain depending on the person. Before I discuss why we want to build an NFT project, I think it's worth exploring what an NFT is and isn't. 

What exactly is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. This is a unique digital asset (like an image or video) with authenticated ownership. These tokens live on blockchains, a new kind of decentralized database that acts as a public ledger. While it's easy for others to screenshot or save an asset you own, they won't be able to use it to access token-gated sites or re-sell it. NFTs are tradable and are typically priced in cryptocurrency.

Just like the early days of the internet, the NFT industry can be rife with scams. Pump and dump schemes, poor quality products, and rampant speculation certainly deserve an eyebrow raise from outsiders looking in. However, not ALL NFTs are overpriced or scammy. The best use cases for NFTs are still ahead of us. Email accounts, websites, and social media profiles make up important pieces of infrastructure on the internet. NFTs act as the latest edition of this infrastructure and will soon be commonly used by most internet participants. 

What about environmental concerns? 

Blockchain technology is still fairly new. Certain blockchains sacrifice energy efficiency to be more secure. However, in the last few years new blockchains arrived on the scene with much more efficient energy use. There are now options to use blockchain technology that is sustainable. Over time I expect most blockchains to move to sustainable systems. For now, the answer is yes some technologies are bad for the environment but there are options to avoid them.

Introducing Fēnom

We recently developed a new lens technology called Fēnom. This new lens tech will be equipped on future eyewear and goggle products. Fēnom is designed to optimize the light spectrum you experience while skiing or riding a bike. This provides the best possible contrast to enhance your visual experience. While it's common for large brands to develop something like this, Wildhorn is proud to join their ranks. This is a big step up for the quality and experience we provide our customers. 


To celebrate, we are launching our first NFT project named after the same technology. This NFT is our genesis token and will be a unique piece of art that captures the love we all have for winter sport. Besides the art, the NFT will come with lots of utility. All holders will get the following benefits:

  • A full resolution file to print your artwork.
  • A pair of our new Maxfield Toric Goggles. Each pair will come with two Fēnom lenses. 
  • Access to token-gated pro deals. You will need to be holding the NFT to access them.
  • Chance to win swag prizes (hoodies, t-shirts, beanies and more)
  • Future membership in our new loyalty program. 
  • Much more....

Holding this NFT will be your connection and deeper access to the brand. This will enable us to build more value over time. We'll be able to airdrop new artwork, drop special edition product, or collaboration with other brands in the industry. 

You can sign up below to join the waitlist now. Over the coming months we'll update you you on details like the artist involved, specific dates, more utility, and price. 

Some details:

  • Planned drop date: Late Q3/ Early Q4
  • 500 spots available (we'll adjust as we see demand coming in)
  • Your Maxfield goggles would be available in November
  • Price is TBD but we are selling NFTs as a product not an investment. The total value of the package will exceed the actual cost of the NFT.
  • We will release more info about the artist and details on how to buy and hold NFTs in the coming months as we get closer to launch.


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