My First Time Hiking with a Hammock

Okay fellow adventurers!

Whether you are a rookie, like myself, or a veteran day hiker—going with a hammock is just significantly better. And I’ll tell you why!


A hammock is so light and easy to carry around with you. It just packs up into ONE little bag and can easily fit inside your day pack. It doesn’t take a lot of thought or effort to take your hammock with you. So you have no excuse NOT to hammock.


(I'll usually just tuck the strap over itself so it's not left on the ground. But no knots are required!)

Some hammocks, like ours, use an infinitely adjustable and simple cinch buckle system. With the Wildhorn Outpost Hammock you just wrap the straps around the trees, clip it, and then pull the straps as tight or loose as you want to hang. There's no loops that you have to try to figure out either. And no knots. It’s idiot proof…trust me. It took me all of maybe... 2-3 minutes, if that! Super simple.


You can hammock almost ANYWHERE. All you need is two relatively spaced out trees. So you can find a relaxing location with a great view and amplify your day experience. The trees I worked with weren't on the same level but with the adjustable strap system I still made it work. I also chose to be right next to a little brook where I was able to hang out, talk and listen to the water run. 


Okay, let's be real, for those of us who don't do this on a daily basis, and if you're anything like me, you'll probably be pretty winded by the time you've made it to your final destination. So by hammocking you have a super easy way to unwind as you down most of your water supply and re-energize for your trip back down. 

Next time you go on a day hike, make sure to bring your hammock with you! It made my experience better!

Let us know what your hammock tips and tricks are! Enjoy National Hammock Day this Saturday and most importantly, always remember to #sharethewild!

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Now gear up and get out there!