TerraLite Portable Camping / Beach Chair


Tired of hauling big clunky chairs around to all of your outdoor activities? The Wildhorn Outfitters Terralite chair is the perfect solution to bring seating with you anywhere you go. At Wildhorn Outfitters we want you to make the most of your time outdoors. Life is short and should be spent creating memories and sharing experiences with friends rather than fussing with equipment. We make gear that works.

Most compact ultralight chairs sink into the sand or mud but the Terralite chair includes four Terragrip feet so your chair floats on top of sand or mud. Four standard interchangeable feet are also included when you need to cut off a few ounces for that backpacking trip.


- Sets up and take down in seconds! Just take out of the bag and the chair frame quickly snaps together.
- Lightweight: 1.9 pounds with standard feet and 2.6 lbs with TerraGrip Feet
- Portable: Packed Size: 17” x 4.7” x 4.7”
- Won’t Sink In Sand- TerraGrip Oversizd feet prevent chair from sinking in sand or mud.
- Strong & Durable: Made from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum. Supports up to 350 pounds.


Introducing the TERRALITE CHAIR


Lightweight2.6 lbs. with TerraGrips or 1.9 lbs. with standard boots (included)

DurableMade from 7075 Aircraft Aluminum and 600D Oxford Nylon

TerraGrip FeetOversized foot pieces prevent sinking in sand or mud

PortablePacks into a convenient carrying case that is 17"x4.7"x4.7"

StrongSupports up to 350 lbs of sitting weight

Please read and follow these instructions to use your TERRALITE CHAIR!

Remove compacted chair from the bag

Unfold aluminum posts

Make sure appropriate post ends fit into main brace slots

Stand chair up with longer ends positioned as the back of the chair

Slip the nylon cover over the tall ends then the shorter seat ends (some force may be required)

For more stable seating, remove existing foot pieces and replace with TerraGrips.

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