Taalo Aluminum Trekking Poles


The Wildhorn Outfitters Taalo Trekking Poles combine strong aluminum construction, soft wrist straps, moisture-wicking cork handles, and anti-shock mechanisms to create a comfortable all-day hiking experience. Taalos are both stylish and sturdy, perfect for day hikes or longer treks.

Trekking poles can reduce the impact to ankles and knees by as much as 30%. Whether hiking for a day or a week, a pair of Taalos will help your endurance and balance. Grab a pair today and hit the trail tomorrow!


-Made from durable 100% aircraft grade aluminum great for all types of outdoor adventures including hiking, snowshoeing or a leisurely walk.
- Anti-Shock Technology
- Flips Locks for easy adjustability (don’t trust cheap twist locks)
- Strong Carbide Tip
- Natural cork grips with ventilated extra padded straps

About Wildhorn Outfitters
At Wildhorn Outfitters we want you to make the most of your time outdoors. Life is short and should be spent creating memories and sharing experiences with friends rather than fussing with equipment. We make great gear that works.


Introducing Taalo Trekking Poles


Padded StrapsFor Extra Comfort

Adjustable LengthsFrom 27 to 54 inches

LIGHTWEIGHTAircraft Grade7075 Aluminum

BUILT-INAnti-ShockFor better descents

NATURALCork HandlesTo keep your hands cool and dry


Please read and follow these instructions to use your TAALO TREKKING POLES!

Adjust poles to desired length: Open quick locks and slide sections up or down depending on use. Do not exceed warning markings.

Turn Anti-shock by twisting handle one click counter clockwise. Turn off by turning one click clockwise.

Screw in desired basket piece then ensure rubber foot is pushed firmly in place.

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