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Seaview 180°
Extra Snorkel Tube

Plum (Black O-Ring)
Lotus (Black O-Ring)
Lotus (Clear O-Ring)
Manta Ray (Black O-Ring)
Manta Ray (Clear O-Ring)
Sunset (Black O-Ring)
Sunset (Clear O-Ring)
Electric (Black O-Ring)
Electric (Clear O-Ring)
Aqua (Clear O-Ring)
Sky (Clear O-Ring)
Blue (Clear O-Ring)
Teal (Clear O-Ring)
Replacement tube for Seaview 180° V1 Mask. Fits any Seaview V1 model. Black and clear O-ring available. Look under "Features" for instructions on how to identify which snorkel tube you need.
Replacement tube for our Seaview 180° V1 Mask. Some of our Seaview 180° V1 masks have a black O-ring, and some have a clear O-ring.

After removing your snorkel tube, look at the base of the tube mount on your Seaview 180°. Here you will see what color O-ring you have. If you have a black O-ring, you can buy either version of the replacement snorkel. However, if you have a clear O-ring, make sure to buy a clear O-ring replacement tube.

  • Black or Clear O-Ring Available
  • Polycarbonate

  • Warranty
    We build our reputation by creating quality product. If you experience a problem that is a result of defect in materials or workmanship, Wildhorn Outfitters warrants your tube for the lifetime of the product and will repair or replace your tube at no charge. Warranty does not apply to damage resulting from impact, misuse, abuse, accident, negligence, or normal weather wear and tear. Wildhorn Outfitters has the sole discretion to determine manufacturer's defects.
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    Fins size 12

    They arrived & they fit. Thank you for your help Nic! What should we do with the wrong sized used pair? I will write a review after we use them . Thanks again , LouAnn

    Great product

    Got this as an early Christmas present for my man friend. He didn’t want a helmet at first, but after using he warmed up. I guess he took a nasty spill at the hill and was thankful for it! My one complaint is with the vent - it doesn’t slide. Like at all. I did contact customer service to see if I was doing something wrong with sliding it - and they offered to replace, which my boyfriend didn’t want to do (it doesn’t bother him- he loves the helmet!) other than that it’s a fantastic helmet! (And it goes really well with the goggles)

    Love them

    I was struggling to find my man friend a pair of goggles that he liked in a decent price range. He’s an avid snow hoarder. I stumbled upon this sight, and it had all the specs that he wanted. We received them and I gave them as an early Christmas present, which he used right away. I am planning on getting a clear lens for Christmas (stocking stuffer) so we haven’t used that feature (yet!). I would recommend in style- comfort- and functionality. I love this brand so much - and now my boyfriend does too! Keep up the awesome gear!

    A Must Have Bag

    Excellent Design, perfect size and a must have easy carry day trail bag, best purchase I have done.

    Warm, warm, warm, & cozy

    Fingers inside of a mitten = genius move on Wildhorn’s part.
    The linings is warm beyond measure and so very cozy!
    The wrist strap, brilliant. I am sure people don’t use them, and how many people lose their gloves? I will always wear those bc I don’t want to lose these babies!