Outpost II Double Camping Hammock With LiteSpeed Suspension System



Our Outpost II is big, strong, and easy to use. WIth plenty of room for two, we decided it needed a strong suspension system. Each hammock comes equipped with a Litespeed suspension system that included two 11 foot tree-friendly straps, genuine Amsteel anchor rope, and a steel cinch buckle that gives you fast, unlimited hanging options. No more fumbling around with knots or loop adjustments. Not to mention you'll get an amazing night's rest when you go diagonal in this baby.

When we set out to design our Outpost hammock we realized that there were no good options for a quality hammock that had everything included to make hanging a breeze. Sure some had ropes and heavy steel carabiners but they were not easy to hang and required a lot of time to get right. We decided our hammock had to have the best suspension system on the market and our LiteSpeed suspension system was born. Hang your hammock in seconds and spend more time hanging out and less time fumbling around with knots or limiting loop adjustments.

The Outpost II is 11" long and over 6' 6" wide. It's the perfect size for two! The integrated compression stuff sack makes it easy to pack away and carry. The entire hammock, including the suspension system, fits comfortably in the stuff sack makes it easy to pack away and carry. The entire hammock, including the suspension system, fits comfortably in the stuff sack so you don't have to worry about carrying additional bags.

Whether you are taking the Outpost II on a multi-day backpacking trip on your own, or cuddling up with a friend in the backyard, this hammock will not disappoint!


We make sure to triple stitch all the load-bearing seams. Why would anyone double stitch that? We couldn't figure it out so we triple stitch. Safety first, second, and third!


Hanging a hammock should be easy. We use adjustable cinch buckles so you don't have limitations on where you hang. Nobody likes limitation, so shoot for the stars (or pine trees)!


Tough nylon helps you sleep at night. We like sleep (more than we should) and don't want you falling through the hammock. Sleep easy my friend.


Stuff it all into one place, straps and all. Why would the pouch be anything but integrated? If we had a nickel for every camping sack we've lost.....we wouldn't have to sell hammocks for a living.


The perfect hang is somewhat subjective. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Make sure there's some sag in that hammock! A 30° angle is a safe bet.

2. Sleep at an angle. You can lay flatter and more comfortably at a diagonal.

3. Use "nature-approved" tree straps. We aren't saying you have to be a tree hugger, but let's just be nice to them. Use at lease one-inch webbing around the trees. This helps to prevent your straps from cutting into the trunk.

Customer Reviews

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This hammock is a dream come true.

Seriously one of the better hammocks you can get anywhere. It is easy to set up and take down, is comfortable and sturdy, and just feels like it was made of quality. Everything about this little (large) hammock is just perfect. It packs away into a small built-in bag which also doubles as a pocket when in use. I have used this hammock so many times since receiving it and now look for and create opportunities to use it. My significant other dreads going on walks and listening to me pointing out nicely spaced trees or support posts. I just can't help it.

-Quality made
-Easy to use
-Stores in a small package
-Comes with the straps

Maybe the straps could be slightly longer for those extreme cases

My favorite camping hammock

I've used a few different camping hammocks in the last year or so and the Wildhorn Outpost hammock is definitely my favorite. The suspension system is the best. Everything is included, everything is attached, just wrap the strap around a tree or whatever you're anchoring from and clip it to itself then pull the straps to take out slack. Super fast, super easy, and the hammock has proven to be very durable. No complaints here, great camping hammock!

Carabiners and straps make for easy and versatile setup

I picked this up about a year ago for my boy to sleep in when camping. Best part about it is the carabiners and straps that make set and take down a breeze. He has hooked it up to anything from trees, to the side of a fence, the the roof rack on our van. Extremely versatile as far as being able to fasten it to whatever your surroundings might be.

Loving it!

We love our double hammock. We had it hanging in the our backyard all summer long last year and just pulled it out for some more fun! It withstood the nightly sprinklers and the hot summer sun and still looka brand new. The kids look forward to relaxing, reading, and playing it it and I love that it gets them outside. It's also a great for the hubby and I to relax in after the kids are all in bed. When we head out of town camping it is so quick and easy to take down, pack up, and put back up wherever our next adventure take us.

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