MicroLite Micro Fiber Camping / Travel Towels- 3 Pack


Our Microlite travel towels keep you dry wherever you go. These take up very little space in your pack and absorb way more water than cotton. They dry quickly too, so you don't have to worry about packing it away wet. Now go be a globe wanderer!


Microfiber is a synthetic fiber known for it toughness, softness, and water absorption. Perfect for any outdoor adventure or traveling.


Each bundle includes a large, medium, and small size. Perfect for lounging at the beach, drying off at camp, or quickly drying your face. Oh and it's the same price as buying one large towel from the "other" brands.


Each towel has a loop you can use to hang it up to dry. The microfiber air drys quickly so you don't have to worry about funny smells. We think that's always a nice little bonus in life.


The entire bundle only weighs 15.9 ounces and takes up the space of a small book. No reason to get cluttered.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
michael ottaviano m.o. michael o.
5 star

The items are great.

Stephanie Grant S.G. Stephanie G.
Take Everywhere

Great towels, I take them everywhere. Keep one in the car, another with kids sports stuff, another camping. Great lightweight towels that dry quickly. Love that they come in 3 pack with different sizes for whatever need I may have at the time. Colors are true to picture. Cases they come in are nice, quality bags that you can store the towels in.

Krystal K. Krystal
Super Compact!

I love these towels! I take them everywhere, swimming, camping, to the gym, even travelling just in case I don't like the ones at the hotel. The variety of sizes are great. The largest is huge and is more like a blanket than a towel for when I get out of the pool. They are super absorbent and dry quickly as well. Since they fold up so small it is easy to throw them in no matter where I am headed. I definitely recommend these towels!

Mackenzie Freeman M.F. Mackenzie F.
Game Changer

If you travel anywhere tropical, these are a must. Packs to 1/10th the size of a regular towel, and actually dries in humid climates instead of turning into a mildew rag.

Devin Ashby D.A. Devin A.
Awesome Backpacking Towels!

Im a huge fan of these towels. I take them backpacking and camping often because of how small they fold down and easy to wash after a trip. I typically take the two smaller ones for backpacking cause the small one is great for food prep and kitchen clean up. Sometimes it is such a pain to clean pots and not have a towel, but the small one is perfect for that. I bring the medium size for if I decide to take a dip in a mountain lake, or if the trail I am on requires walking through water. Then I can keep my feet dry before getting into camp shoes or drying off completely. Either way, these towels are really nice and the size makes them so easy to take everywhere with you. Definitely recommend!