LiteSpeed Adjustable Hammock Straps


Our Litespeed hammock suspension system will allow you to hang any hammock (not just ours, but our competitor’s too) in just seconds. Spend more time hanging out IN your hammock than hanging it up. Plus it’s weight rated for like a bison. YEWW!

  • Save time during setup- hangs in seconds
  • Genuine Amsteel rope- 400lb rating
  • 11' straps- find a spot almost anywhere


We use tree-friendly polyester straps, strong ones, just like you. Stop blushing. We mean it (especially the part about the straps.) Our kit is rated at 400lbs, though testing far exceeded that.


We like to use cinch buckles instead of loops. Most brands use loops because it's easier for them to make. We went the extra mile to create something easy to set up, and even easier to adjust. No more funky knots or loops for you, my friend.


We use 100% genuine Amsteel rope to anchor the hammock ends. This stuff is strong as steel and really light. We export this from Canada to our overseas facility. When we couldn't find the real stuff overseas, we knew we had to take this extra step. We don't take adventure lightly...unless we are talking about the weight of Amsteel rope.


We include two 12kn carabiners used to secure your straps around trees. Feel free to use them for heavier-duty purposes if you'd like.


1. Using the included PVC pipe, thread the amsteel rope loop through your hammock end.

2. Remove the pipe, then feed the cinch buckle through the loop end and pull it tight.

3. Find two hanging points, loop each strap around the hanging point twice and secure with carabiner.

4. Using cinch buckle, adjust to desired hanging angle and secure using a lark's knot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Devin Ashby D.A. Devin A.
Smooth and easy suspension system

As someone who has spent a lot of time around hammocks lately, i've seen and used about every type of suspension you can use on a hammock. My personal favorite being whoopie slings and nylon tree straps using a marlin spike hitch, but if I wasn't using that type of suspension, I use this. The Litespeed straps are so easy to use and so easy to replace with suspension on other hammocks. The cinch buckle is solid and makes getting the right hang super easy. They adjust so easy and really don't weigh that much. Personally I am a huge fan and these are way better than the cheap steel biners and generic daisy chain style looped tree straps you find with a lot of hammocks. Those sharp steel biners make me nervous, the Litespeed straps don't!

James J. James
Better Than The Rest

So I initially got introduced to the Wildhorn line by my brother who had the outpost 2. I thought it was a solid looking hammock and bought one for myself, side note I currently own about 6 working hammocks. My favourite part about the hammock was that it included its own tree straps, which is a pretty darn good deal. These things are stupidly easy to use. I think a person who has never put up a hammock could do this in about 1-2 minutes. And these things are secure some of the straps included on my hammocks are just simple hooks and have detached on me. But these have super nice carabiners which do not move a millimetre when in the hammock. But the best part is that you can use them on most every hammock that you own, which is nice if your like me and own more than one hammock. These hammocks would be a permanent replacement for all my hammocks as soon as Wildhorn makes a bug net and hammock tarp, hint hint. But these straps are now irreplaceable, cannot recommend enough.