LiteSpeed Hammock Suspension System Kit


Sick and tired of fumbling around with ropes or loops? Spending more time trying to hang your hammock than actually hanging in your hammock? Our LiteSpeed Suspension system will allow you to hang your hammock in seconds!

Our LiteSpeed Suspension Kit allows you to retrofit almost any gathered end hammock (like ENO or Grand Trunk) so you can experience the joy of an easy and quick set up.


  • Two 11' tree friendly straps made from 100% reenforced polyester. These straps have very little stretch and have been tested at over 1200 pounds and we were never able to actually snap them.
  • Two 12kn (2700 pounds-force) rated high strength aluminum carabiners weighing in at only 20 grams each.
  • Two cinch buckles made from cold rolled steel for extra strength and durability.
  • Each cinch buckle is wrapped with a continuous loop made from genuine Amsteel. Amsteel is an amazing synthetic fiber rope that is super light yet has a breaking point of over 1500 lbs.
  • PVC pipe for easy installation

Introducing the LiteSpeed Hammock Suspension System Kit


GENUINEAmsteel RopeStrong as steel but light as a feather

Cinch BucklesInfinite adjustments to your hammock in seconds


REINFORECED POLYESTERTree-friendly StrapsIncludes two 11-foot straps

WIREGATELightweight CarabinersAllow fast connection of strap to tree

LiteSpeed Hammock Suspension System Kit

Please read and follow these instructions for the installation of the suspension system.

Using the included PVC pipe, thread the amsteel rope loop through your hammock end.

Remove the pipe, then feed the cinch buckle through the loop end and pull it tight.

Find two hanging points, loop each strap around the hanging point twice and secure with carabiner.

Using cinch buckle, adjust to desired hanging angle and secure using a lark's knot.

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