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Pleasantly Surprised

I bought the Delano XZ snowshoes last Spring but didn't get to try them until now. I must say I'm quite pleased with them. The quick lock/release straps are easy to tighten and stayed tight during my 2 hour trek through the snow. They release really easily too and you can take them off quickly. These snowshoes are light and move through snow with ease. Great snowshoes!

Well-made and affordable

I purchased one pair in each size, 22" for me (5'3", 120lb) and 28" for my fiancé (6'0", 185lb). We were pleased to find quality snowshoes at an accessible price compared to other options that seemed cheaply made, and were happy to support a small business. We thought it'd be silly to rent snowshoes and would be better off getting our own to use again in the future, but also don't expect to be going frequently so we didn't want to spend too much.

We were both snow shoeing newbies (I'd snowshoe'd once before with rentals and he skis) and had no trouble at all using these snowshoes both on flat and steep (>45 degree) hills. We have only used them twice so far so can't speak for durability, but they seem to be well made. We used them for ~an hour in a foot of snow in our own neighborhood after snowfall, and on a 3hr hike to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. I read online that heel risers in general can feel unstable but they were a great relief on our calves on the hills and felt quite stable.

One minor complaint, and this is very minor, is that I wear size 7 shoes, and the straps were too long for me, but I just tucked them into the sides. They never got loose and my foot never fell out, so they still functioned fine. The strap tightening mechanisms are also very easy to use, so easy to tighten and to take off.

Customer support on Facebook Messenger was very responsive (nighttime message was answered the next morning) and expedited delivery arrived as expected.

No carrying bag but I have so many random bags this was not a big deal. I liked that there were velcro straps included to keep the shoes together.

Excellent product

Well made with nice features like the bindings. Solid construction should last many years.


Will try them next winter

Great Value

I love these snowshoes although they are on the heavier side, which is a good thing if you want to incorporate muscle and bone strengthening. And they are definitely a great value, and very pretty, too!