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Full-size Tailgate Pad

Bronto Full-size Tailgate Pad

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The Bronto is a 6-bike tailgate pad for full-size trucks. Installation is simple and easier than other pads on the market. The EZ 4-strap cinch system allows you to install your pad without having to awkwardly balance the tailgate at an angle. The tailgate can be laid flat to insert the straps through the gap. Then just close the tailgate, adjust the position, and attach to the hooks on the front side of the pad and cinch tight. The pad is waterproof on the outside and soft on the inside with reinforced padding throughout. There's a removable square cover on the center to allow for use with a rear backup camera. The Bronto can carry up to six standard bikes and fits on full-size trucks.


  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Fits up to six standard mountain bikes.
  • Re-enforced padding throughout adds position versatility.
  • Soft fleece anti-scratch inner liner protects your tailgate.
  • Waterproof outer cover protects against rain and mud.
  • Compatible with rear back-up cameras.
  • EVA foam bike mounts protect your frame.
  • Fits major full size truck brands.
  • Easy to clean.


We designed the Bronto pad to be super easy and fast to install. Most pads require awkward management of the tailgate to secure it to the truck. Bronto simplifies this with our hook system. To view the install video, click here.


  • PU coated waterproof polyester outer top fabric
  • Fleece inner cover
  • Dims: 148cmx92cm
  • Weight: 4.7lbs
  • Aircraft grade aluminum hooks
  • Polyester cinch straps
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Came up short - literally

Ugh, I hate to be the person that writes down a cool product, but this is my experience and could be helpful for others to know. Maybe I am a one off. Please take this constructively. Note: I have a 2020 Silverado RST, Crew Cab.

The good - the drop down and hook strap design is excellent, and really saves my back. A major reason I made this purchase. I had a Yakima pad for years and attaching it to my tailgate was never something I looked forward to, and akin to a gymnastic feat with the “pull straps under tailgate, thread through the small crack while elevating tailgate to 45 degrees to increase size of tiny gap and engage go go gadget arms to pull through little crack” . Nightmare. Anyway, the exterior material is also good on this pad, and it looks really aesthetically pleasing.

The not so good and opportunity for improvement: (1) The bike straps on the pad are literally too short to wrap around the frame of my bike - a Diamondback Release (27.5) . I thought maybe my frame was weird or bulky, so I grabbed a different bike - a Giant Stance 29er - and same thing. Straps are too short. The only way I made the straps work was by wrapping them around an arm of the fork. Sub optimal. The bike won’t go anywhere so not the worst, but does bug me that this is not functioning as intended and is a key feature of any bike pad. (2) Velcro on the bike strap (most pads have this already, but still counts). This is a personal preference thing, so take it with a grain of salt, but I detest Velcro as locking mechanism for the bike strap. There is literally no way the Velcro makes it more than a few seasons (at best) without wearing down and ceasing to work. Why not use a loop and pull design like on Motorcycle helmet straps? Simple and virtually unbreakable + supports a longer strap that could possible be cut down to preference. Winning all around. Just a thought. (3) The material on the pads where the bike frames rest. That plush/velour (I think?) material seems nice, but not terribly durable. I think some rain, mud, and general use will wear it down really quickly (yet to be seen).One ride/use, the pad I used is already matter down. I think better would be a hard rubber/neoprene like the material that is used on other, similar bike pads. More durable through time. I do recognize that may not be an option though.

Again, I’m just sharing my thoughts. I ride a lot and was an elite athlete for many years, so tend focus in on details that others may not care for. Overall this pad is fine. The things I wrote about though, would take this pad from “fine” to “excellent” in my opinion.

Great design

Designed by someone who actually would use it! Easy on, easy off, fits my Tundra perfectly.

Super Slick!

The install hook system on this thing is killer! Way faster to attach to my tailgate than my old Fox pad. No need for awkward reach arounds to feed and connect the straps. The slide lock strap hooks are super slick!!
Used a few other bigger brand truck pads and this is the best quality/durability for the money out there.


Wildhorn delivers, great products, great service, everytime!

Great product

Fantastic product no issues whatsoever