The experience is in the details. Who said anything about the devil? The pipeline ski goggle delivers on every axis: premium materials, modern styling, massive field of view, 100% UV protection...the list goes on. We designed and tested the Pipeline in Utah, home to the GREATEST SNOW ON EARTH (don’t @ me Colorado). On any given day you’ll find a Wildhorn crew member ditching work for early pow. Tell your boss it’s our fault. The Pipeline made you do it.

Wildhorn Outfitters is a proud supplier to the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team. U.S. Ski & Snowboard athletes include some of the most famous Olympians globally and are among the most dominant, successful sports stars of all time.


The Pipeline goggles feature our dependable Aurora Lens Tech platform with an even bigger field of view. See everything with Pipeline’s HUGE cylindrical dual-lens. We also added anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings to keep things crystal. Quick changing magnetic lenses, 100% UV protection, and loads of style make these ski goggles our best yet. Explore what Pipeline has to offer. Don’t forget about the library of additional lenses that allow you to optimize for any light condition. Over 70 lens/color combos are possible. Overkill? We didn’t think so either.


Sometimes the day starts off bluebird and ends in shadows. The remedy is a quick lens swap. Pipeline goggles feature super strong magnets and our best locking mechanism ever. In a matter of seconds, you can optimize your snow goggles for the light conditions around you. Unlock the lens by pressing the edge of the clip back. Grab the pull tabs around the lens and done! Insert a new lens and the magnets practically do all the work. Press the locks down again and boom let’s go!



Let’s start with the basics. Variable light transmission, VLT for short, measures the amount of light transmission through a lens. The lower the VLT the more tint the lens has. The brighter it is outside, the lower the optimal VLT for your lens. Bluebird days mean LOTS of light amplified by that white snow. Clouds or storms reduce light. Using a higher VLT helps you see more contrast in that situation. We recommend arming yourself with both a low and high VLT lens. Don’t get blinded by the light.


Play the field. That wasn’t a typo. See everything with Pipeline’s HUGE cylindrical dual-lens. Seeing other skiers matters just as much as seeing your line. If you play on those runs you have to see what’s coming. We also added anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings to keep things crystal.


Changed in 60 seconds. Maybe we should name a lens Elanor. We use six rare earth N45 magnets with a glue-like hold. For good measure, we designed a custom locking mechanism. Not that you’ll do much face planting but when you do we’ve got you covered. No lenses left behind.


Our CEO has a huge head. With all that extra bulk he carries around we thought a lightweight design would get us a bonus. We slimmed the profile while increasing the viewing angle. The lens sits closer to your eyes giving you both side-to-side and downward periphery advantages. Still waiting for that bonus.


Pipeline snowboard goggles are built to last. The highest quality dual-material PC/ABS and TPU frame will bend where it needs to but not break. The lenses are shatterproof but maybe don’t test that while wearing them. Finally we used industry-standard triple layer foam to be soft on the face for all-day riding.

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Best Bag Ever!!!

We never have to worry again if we have all of our ski stuff. This bag is so awesome, it fits everything!!! Wildhorn has done it again with another stellar product.

Great Value

I bought this jacket for a friend who is just learning to ski. I’ve been skiing for 55 years so I am very familiar with ski apparel. This jacket had all the important details from the right pockets inside and out, put zips, helmet compatible hood. The tonal design around the shoulders is subtle but nice and I really liked the accent color of the zipper. It is A LOT of jacket for the price and I would highly recommend.

If you are wondering if you need one of these you do!

This is the latest in a series of sound systems I have used over 50 years from Astraltune to Sony Walkman and shock-proof CD players to IPOD, bunch of different headphones and eventually the headphones that go in the helmet with a wire with way-too-small-for-my-mittens on-of switches. This last transition had two goals (1) to get rid of the earphone wire so that the iPhone could get away from the cold and (2) control the volume and play/stop/rewind without having to take off my mittens. From that perspective these are great. The thing pairs with my iPhone very nicely, the buttons are very intuitive and easy to get to, and as an extra bonus I don't have to dig my phone out of my pocket to talk to Mr. Spam Likely when I am on the slopes.

One thing that could be better at least for my helmet is that the recharge wire pokes out of the headphone so to make sure it wont break I need to disconnect it and then take the thing out of the helmet to charge it. It would be nice if there was a way to recharge the headphones without having to mess with that but that is not a big deal really. This is a long way from strapping the 3.5lb Astraltune on my chest not to mention the earplugs and plus the sound quality is great!

One piece of advice if you are new to this: Keep the volume down so that you can still hear the wind (and the snow boarders) but most importantly remember the bumps are not evenly spaced so don't try to ski to the beat of the music. Ski to the melody or the Cadence if you want to be fancy.

Awesome goggles. My grandson loved them because they fit over his glasses.

Awesome helmet/googles

Sent it to my grandson that is 4 , his Dad said it fits great and loves the googles