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We have many people from around the world interested in Wildhorn products. We have slowly begun making inventory available in Amazon warehouses around the globe. We now have inventory in the following countries: Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Australia. While the selection is not quite the same, you can now purchase our products from our Amazon storefront in those countries. Here is a link directory of our storefronts in those markets:


For EU customers living outside of the Amazon marketplaces, you may still be able to order from them.

In the past we have offered international shipping from our .com web store. However, the logistical challenges and cost to our customers was high. Moving forward we are not offering international shipment directly from our web store. Please visit the Amazon storefront that is best for you to see what we have available in your country. Shipping time and cost will be improved and over time our selection will increase!

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Freakin' LOVE this pack...

If I could underline and bold the word LOVE I absolutely would! It took me a while to bite the bullet and actually purchase this backpack, but I'm so glad I did. I absolutely love how compact it is when not in use. Even more so, I love how this pack fits while carrying it. Not only does it have the external sleeves for the water bottles, but also has an internal bladder sleeve!! For the price, you absolutely cannot beat it!

I've purchased many of the products Wildhorn offers and have been extremely impressed by the quality of their products and with the price points they offer them. I highly recommend this pack to anyone who enjoys outdoor hiking, skiing, snowboarding, traveling, etc.

Installed and connected easily

This installation was in a Large Smith Scout helmet and iPhone X. They installed easily without the problem of the earlier model's too short connecting ribbon between the left and right earpiece. The linkup was simple and the button logic is superior especially when trying to use Siri. How it works while skiing is yet to be determined.

Awesome product! Great land/sea versatility

I love how easy it is to walk on land and then jump into the sea and zoom away. Great thrust underwater, pairing this with my Seaview V2 snorkel/mask and I'm basically an amphibian.

Perfect for everything

Hiking, camping, going to the beack, long walk... it's just perfect. Just love that it can transform in a little bag for better packing. Excellent.

V2 Eva Case

Perfect hard case for the V2, great fit!