Full-Face vs. Traditional: Which Snorkel is Right for You?

Full-Face vs. Traditional: Which Snorkel is Right for You?

May 03, 2021

When it comes to gear, you don’t need much to start expanding your adventures under the sea. A dependable mask and snorkel are essential to making the most of your experience. The ideal mask will allow for the widest field of vision possible to take in all nature has to offer — and a solid snorkel should be comfortable and easy to use so you can relax and fully enjoy the view. 

So how do you choose between a full-face snorkel mask and a more traditional mask & snorkel set? Let’s take a look at the differences!


The full-face snorkel mask is a new design that combines the mask and snorkel into one convenient and comfortable surface swimming experience. Look for a full-face snorkel mask with ample airflow and a flat lens design for maximum visibility. 


  • Perfect for Beginners!
  • No Mouthpiece!
  • Unbeatable Views!

Snorkel in ultimate comfort with no cumbersome mouthpiece to worry about. Since the unique design of a full-face snorkel mask eliminates the need for the mouthpiece, there’s no need to learn how to breathe differently — making this mask perfect for beginners! With a well-made full-face mask you can breathe naturally through your nose or mouth. This design also offers expansive panoramic views with an average 20% larger viewing area compared to traditional snorkel masks.


  • Not for Active Snorkeling!
  • Larger to Pack

This option is larger than a traditional snorkel set, so it may take up more room in your suitcase when traveling. Due to the design of the full-face mask, it is only suitable for low-impact surface swimming. You should not dive too far below the surface or swim vigorously with this mask. It’s also important to choose a mask with adequate airflow such as the Seaview 180 SV2 which was specifically designed to increase airflow.

If you’re looking for a full-face mask you can trust to be safe, durable, and reliable — check out the newly redesigned Seaview 180° V2 Snorkel Mask for maximum visibility and breathability!


The best part about a good quality, traditional snorkel set is that you can take it and use it pretty much anywhere — oceans, rivers, lakes, reefs, and beyond! Look for a flat lens mask design for optimal viewing conditions without distortion. When it comes to snorkel tubes you essentially have two options — an open tube style or a dry top style. The open tube style can be easier to clear and sometimes easier to breathe out of, but we prefer a dry top style that keeps water out when you dive for the ultimate freediving freedom. Look for a snorkel tube with a splash guard cage and purge valve to keep water out.


  • Travel-Friendly!
  • Better for Freediving!
  • Easily Equalize In-Ear Pressure!

Dive a little deeper and get in touch with ocean life with a traditional mask & snorkel set! This choice is perfect for ocean swimming, freediving, and more adventuring.The traditional style makes it compact, lightweight, and easy to carry on long and short excursions. Plus it’s easy to equalize in-ear pressure underwater and remove as needed. Bonus: choose a traditional snorkel mask with a black silicone skirt to block peripheral light and enhance color perception underwater. 


  • Limited Peripheral Vision
  • Learning Curve
  • Uncomfortable Mouthpiece

While a traditional snorkel mask set allows you greater freedom in the water, it also comes with a learning curve. You will need to learn how to breathe through a tube and mouthpiece, which can be difficult for beginners. Although some are more comfortable than others, holding a bite valve in your mouth for extended periods can become tiresome. Additionally, your ability to see clearly depends on the size and shape of your mask — and peripheral vision is limited with a traditional design.

For an ultra comfortable, ultra durable, flat lens mask & snorkel set — try the Kradan Set from Seaview. 

Choose Your Experience

Are you looking for a relaxing time skimming the surface of calm waters? Go for a full-face snorkel mask for the best views. Do you want a more active experience with the chance to dive a little deeper and interact with ocean life? Grab a traditional snorkel mask set! When it comes down to it, the type of experience you’re after is the main factor that will decide which type of mask you should use. 

So which mask would you choose?

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